Applying for Scholarship Awards

Students must submit applications online in the form of a "Student Profile".  Submissions may be made beginning January 1st and ending April 1st of each year for awards made in June. Student Profile access is through the "Click to Login" icon below.

All applicants are urged  to review available scholarships & grants to confirm possible eligibility. For scholarship listing Click Here
Students may initiate their Student Profile at any time (as early as middle school) in preparation for a first-time application and the Profile can simply be updated as needed until the end of eligibility. Training documents are available to assist in completing the required information.  Click Here
A parent or guardian is required to provide family financial information from the student's FAFSA submission online directly to your Profile by way of a secure site.  A training document is also available to assist the completion of the parent/guardian submission.  Click Here
School counselors are asked to provide transcripts and verify information in student application. Training documents are available to assist school counselors. Click Here 
References, including counselors, are asked to fill out references on line.  Training documents are available to assist in completing and submitting refernces. Click Here

Use the "Click to Login" icon below to access the Student Profile form. Each part of the Student Profile has a "Support" help key to request additional (usually technical) support.  Other questions related to the scholarship fund's polices and practices may be emailed to

Please begin the Student Profile as soon as possible so any questions may be addressed before the submission deadline.